Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Don't Go Changin...oh wait.

With Christmas and New Year's in our rear-view mirror, it's about time to give you another update on the big changes happening in our house...again.

No. This isn't a pregnancy announcement.

No. We aren't moving.

About a month ago, Kyle got a phone call from the owner of a local music store. They sell music, instruments, offer lessons, instrument repair, etc. During that phone call, Kyle was offered a job! If you've been reading for a few months (if you're new, here's what I'm referring to), you know that Kyle changed careers. He had been in the teaching profession for 5 years and as of this last July, he left for the world of car sales. He's been enjoying his time the last 6 months, but the timing and the opportunity couldn't be more perfect for this new change.

So it's exciting, scary, and busy to change careers again.

In my world, I recently was accepted into a Graduate Program. It's 100% online. It's for my Master's of Education with an emphasis in LIT (Library, Information, and Technology). My ultimate goal is to teach for a few more years and then stay home with kids until our children are all in school. Then, my plan would be to return to the schools as a librarian. It's not because it would be easier, the demand would just be different.

And Lewis is still loving life. Last night he woke up at midnight and when I went in to rock him back to sleep, he started patting my face and putting his hands in my mouth. To which, I chuckled and that got his belly laugh going.

We are thankful for the new changes coming our way and we are excited for what's in store.

What is new in your new year?

Happy Wednesday!


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