Thursday, January 25, 2018

Taking Stock | 03

Making: progress on my grad school homework
Cooking: kitchen sink quesadillas and grilled sammies w/soup
Drinking: water, I'm boring
Reading: Challenger Park
Wanting: mini basting brushes...think of how many pigs in a blanket I could top with egg wash!
Listening: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack...I haven't seen it yet
Playing: chase with this little guy...he LOVES being chased around.

Eating: homemade stew with venison that Kyle shot and beef broth that I made
Wishing: that I could get caught up at home and stay caught up
Loving: this dress
Watching: We just finished what do we start on? Also, I'm re-watching Grey's...I'm almost done with season 13
Enjoying: time at home with my boys more often with Kyle's new job
Wearing: my new watch
Noticing: how long winter feels this year...and it's not even Feb yet
Bookmarking: recipes for my sister's bridal shower next weekend, specifically: this and this

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