Saturday, September 6, 2014

a look at my first week in a new school

But...first a little background.
When I graduated high school, my heart was set on going to school at Northwestern in St. Paul (now University of Northwestern--St. Paul). So, my first year was at a private college. The following summer I transferred to a sweet, cheaper state school closer to home. Did I say cheaper? Like, much cheaper. I thrived in that environment. I loved all of the people. I adored my church and campus church group. But once I got into my program, I realized that I loved being in the classroom.

The kiddos were hilarious. The teachers were phenomenal to work with and learn from. I did my last practicum at a smaller High School nearby. The teacher was great--the students were willing to learn. The next semester I worked in a Middle School with seventh graders. Again...some of the funniest creatures on the planet. Not only that, but they still like their teachers!

After student teaching in 9th and 11th grade, I got my first teaching job! Who did I teach? I taught High School English. Grades 7-12.

Yes. I did teach all of them. Every day I saw all of the high schoolers and I never was able to teach the same lesson more than once per year. Yipes! There were so many things to deal with on top of having 6 preps per day!

*Don't get me wrong...I adored my students. I miss many of them.

But...this summer I received a job in a district I've been wanting to be a part of. I'm now teaching English to 9th-12th grades at an Alternative Education school.

Thus, yesterday marked the end of week 1.

I went from having 120-ish students to having 15. Yes, I am at a new school. My coworkers are awesome! They've been so helpful and extremely understanding with me.

Here's to a new year! *Now if you're still awake after reading this post...I recommend grabbing a cup of coffee to ensure you stay awake. I'll have a more exciting post soon. Promise.


  1. Happy your first week went well-anxious to hear more!!

  2. Laurie, I'll be writing more as time goes on! I'm excited to share!!


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