Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#mugswap14 {Link Up}

Greetings! It's been ages since I've written and I'm so sorry to leave you hanging! I'm back now, so don't worry your pretty little heads one more minute.

I'm back to tell you about something pretty awesome! Kim, over at the lovely blog ACuppaKim, hosts an annual mugswap. It's pretty boss. You should totally check it out. Write it down in your planners and count down the days til next August. (Do you sense how exciting this all is?? Because you should.) 

Anyway, this was her 4th annual #mugswap. It was only my 2nd year participating. BUT! It was so much fun. This year the theme was to "Bless Others". We (#mugswap14 participants) were encouraged to spoil our partners and to donate to the Hopper family for their upcoming adoption. Check out Kim's blog for more details!

I was partnered up with sweet Meg over at rivers & roads. I've gotten to know her through her blog, IG, and Pinterest. I know that if we were to meet in person, we'd be friends. Go check her out. 

Through our mugswap partnership and social media, I found out that Meg loves Disney, Harry Potter, coffee, caramel, and blue. And as hard as I tried to find something special for her that hit all of these loves, it just wasn't happening. Alas, I settled with creating a special gift for her. Check it out!

I had SO much fun shopping, crafting, and wrapping! She wrote to me to let me know she loved it and she squealed when she opened the package. It made my heart happy! My pleasure, Meg!

And I do know that the purpose of the mugswap is to bless others and make their mail happy. While I LOVED every minute of this adventure, I don't have the second half of the mugswap adventure to share with you. And as I sat at my desk today, I thought about how blessed I am. I don't need to receive a mug in return (I would like it very much...BUT), but that's not the purpose. 

I have so much more than some others. I'm blessed with a job, a wonderful husband, a loving Savior, a roof over my head, a car. I could go on, but you get the picture. So, even if my mug doesn't ever make it to me, I've been blessed by #mugswap14 anyway. 

Kim, here's to another year until #mugswap15. And Meg, here's to a new friend gained. 


Ps. I will be posting new job (eek!) updates soon! xo


  1. this is such a great idea. i love those coasters. what a creative thing to make

    1. Thank you! I had a blast making them. I'm in the process of listing some on Etsy. I'll put up a blog post when my shop is open!


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