Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Kids Say: Ms. McNary

 I love teaching. I always have. And one thing I love as much as sharing my passion with others. One of my greatest friends is also an English teacher. If you've never been to her're in for a treat. Because! Today happens to be

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over at Brave Love.

So, without further adieu, I'll turn it over to Aubrey.

Hello to Kelly’s readers! I am very excited to be sharing with you today. Both Kelly and I are English teachers, both of us work with high schoolers, and both of us have heard quite the funnies from our students.

As grown up as high school students try to be, they are still such kids at heart and leave Kelly and I in stitches at the end of the day. They also leave us in tears, both literal and hypothetical, at points as well, but the memories of the laughter are what bring us back after the particularly rough days.

I am in my fourth year of teaching so I, by no means, have everything figured out, but I do have a solid list of funny things my students have said “over the years.” (Have I even earned the right to say that?) I have also included some funny moments with the elementary kids I coached because they were just too good to keep to myself. Clearly, nothing is off limits with kids. They tell it like they see it, which is both entertaining and frustrating.

Without further adieu, I share with you ten of the funniest moments in my teaching (and coaching) career.

10. Junior boy: Hey Miss McNary, when is the State B Boys' Basketball Tournament?
    Me: Like March third through the fifth?
    Boy: (To his study hall) Hey guys! It's March 34th and 35th!

9. A Very Shocked Freshman girl: (Reading her teacher-revised essay) Seriously? You're
   telling me that a fetus and a feces aren't the same thing?!

8. Fifth grade girl: Ms. McNary... My sister (who I taught in English 10) and I googled you
           last night.
   Me: Oh? What did you find?
   Student: You are on Pinterest.
   Me: Yes, that is true. Anything else?
   Student: No... You're really as boring as you say you are. But Google has pictures that
           really are you!

7. A Very Enthusiastic Third Grader: Miss McNary... I really like your outfit today! It's
   better than some other days. Did your mom pick it out? My mom always picks out my
   best outfits!

If you’d like to see the rest of my crazes, please come visit! Things only get better from here.

That's aubrey in the scarf...not in the vb uniform.

**Kelly again...** Go say hello to Aubrey and finish reading her "student-isms". They really are hilarious.

And as always...what makes you laugh?

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