Friday, September 12, 2014

There are these things called traditions...

Traditions are important to our family. There are traditions new and old. I'll start off with new traditions and finish off with old. Got it? :)

So, I have some family who eat ice cream sundaes for supper on the first day back to school! Great, right?! Last year, our first September being married, we (Kyle & I) decided that we wanted to have a fun tradition like that too! As a result, we settled on waffles with ice cream and/or whipped cream. Yum. The last two years we've had waffles with ice cream, whipped cream, and berries.

Kyle and I have also had to switch up our holiday traditions since we've been together. It tends to get a little complicated. How do we keep track where we were at last Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving? I'm so glad you asked! The easiest way for me to keep track...even years=Easter & Thanksgiving with Kyle's family & Christmas with my family. And vice versa the next year.

It's confusing, but I can keep track of it. It's a little harder for Kyle to remember. So all I have to ask him is: "What meal did we have last year for Christmas Eve?" If he answers tacos, we are supposed to be with his family this year. If he answers Swedish meatballs, we are supposed to be with my family.

Which leads me to old family traditions. For as long as I can remember (and as long as my mom can remember) we've had tacos for Christmas Eve dinner with her family. There were a few years where I wasn't interested in eating tacos...but because that was our only option, we ate tacos.

And the tradition I saved for last is one of my favorites. In case you don't know, deer hunting season is a holiday up north. And it just so happens that it's right around the corner. Season opener is usually the first weekend of November and in our area it ends the second weekend. Grandma makes Potato Klub every year. The link to the recipe is not exactly how Grandma makes it, but it's pretty close. We always sit around Grandpa and Grandma's table in their cozy farm house talking about hunting stories, how cold it is/n't, how happy we are to be together, and eating potato klub. It's really a good time. In the past, my family has alternatively been some of my favorite people to be with and also been some of the hardest people to be with. When it comes to deer hunting and potato klub, we set differences aside and sit down to a home cooked meal to share in the joy and familiarity of family and traditions.

What kinds of traditions do you have?? I'd love to know! And follow the link-up to see more traditions stories!

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  1. I like tacos and I like Christmas so I think it's lovely to have both on the same night!

    1. It IS a fun tradition. :) And we never have to guess what we'll eat each year!


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