Thursday, September 18, 2014

At Tale of Traveling: Blogtember Challenge

 So our topic for today is to tell a tale of traveling--of somewhere we've been or a favorite vacation.

And I think I'm going to post about my desire for my next October.

There's this beautiful town on the other side of Minnesota from us. I've spent many hours there on family vacations over the years. As an adult, I've not spent as much time there as I'd like. This beautiful town is none other than Duluth, MN.

Oh my are there places to go! Like...

Canal Park (via)


Glensheen Mansion (via)

And one of my FAVS...

Betty's Pies  (via)

Or what about something "nature-y"...

Gooseberry Falls (via)

There are just so many beautiful, fun things in Duluth and along the North Shore! I could keep posting, and posting, and posting, and .... you get the idea. I'm hoping we get to head on over during our fall break, come October. Pray for us, that everything works out! 

And you can bet your bottom-dollar that I'll be updating you on that trip, if it happens! :)

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  1. Is Glensheen Mansion the supposedly haunted place??

    1. I'm not sure if it is/was haunted or not? Maybe?


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