Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Little Corner of North Dakota

 A guide to your city! Share some of the hot-spots and hidden gems of where you live.

I currently reside in a sweet, bustling (at times), little city in one corner of North Dakota. Upon moving here, 5 years ago (!), I didn't have any friends here. I never wanted to stay here. I also never wanted to even step foot here. Ever.

And then God changed my heart and drew me here. And what do you know, I've never really left.

So welcome to my city! Here are a few of my favorites that if you're ever here, you'll need to check these gems out.

1. The Toasted Frog

This just so happens to be the very place we are going to be celebrating my birthday on Wednesday! They're known for their martinis and their cheesy pickles. If you like cheese, pickles, and anything deep fried...these are perfect for you! The Toasted Frog happens to be one of the best places in town and many out-of-towners make it a "must try" when they visit.

A hole-in-the-wall bar that serves the best wings in town, happens to be one of the local favorites. Start your week off right with $.99 cheeseburgers on Mondays. Then come back on Wednesday and Thursday for a whole order of wings and a pitcher of beer for only $12! They've also got a wing challenge...beware...it's super hot.

Hands down...my favorite place to eat in town! I love that place. Before we were married, husband would walk to my house on snow days and we'd venture the two blocks from my house to Darcy's. I love their pancakes. So delicious. Oh! And if you're a coffee fan, they've got the best cafe coffee I've ever tasted. No joke. I can't even quote Elf for this claim...because it really is the best cafe coffee ever. If you're wanting to try out Darcy's on a weekend, be warned. It's super busy because people are realizing just how good it is. 

Follow the link and you'll read everything you need to know about this local treat.

People love the "Pepper" so much that they'll order online...and have it FedEx'd to them! For real! It's a staple in town. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night after a UND hockey game...make sure you're willing to wait in line. They'll get the biggest crowd and for good reason. You must go to the original Red Pepper building for the true experience. They're famous for their grinders and their white sauce. Seriously...their white sauce...SO addicting. And it's a secret recipe--you'll never get it right. Oh...and they only have spoons--no forks. Honest.

And while I know most of the places I've talked about today have been restaurants, there really is more to do when you come to visit. Maybe I'll show off more of my town in a few weeks.

Come visit and I'll show you around!

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  1. I've still never been to the Toasted Fog.

    And that's all I'm saying on that one.

    1. It's too bad you won't be around for my birthday adventure tomorrow. That's our eating destination.

  2. Awww little corner of North Dakota! It totally has it's charm. My grandparents live in ND and I have extended family in Grand Forks! Sometimes I really do miss the small town life and local hot spots.

    1. It's such a sweet little place. And I love how it tends to bring people together!


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