Friday, September 11, 2015

11 | Friday Night In

I haven't linked up with A. Liz Adventures for her Five on Friday posts in a while. So while I'm working on my Sept. 11, Blogtember Challenge post, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone.

One  |  Pizza
We truly having a night in tonight. One of my favorite Friday night traditions is making homemade pizza for Kyle. I'm not a true master chef...I don't make my own crust. I don't make my own sauce from my tomatoes from my garden. But I do make a mean Margherita pizza. And unfortunately fortunately for you, my recipe will be up in the coming weeks. *clap clap clap*

The traditional Margherita pizza is made with tomato sauce, but I've opted for the kind that looks more like this. Mostly because we love olive oil and garlic so much. But also because I don't eat fresh tomatoes unless they're in fresh salsa (pico) or on this pizza.

Oh. And we make it on our grill.

Two |  Friends

What is a Friday night without friends? More often than not, we invite people over for supper on Fridays because we know what we're making and we don't have much planning that has to go into it. We already know that we're going to make two pizzas. Since we know we're going to have plenty of food, why not have people over? 

One thing we've really loved about having our house, is that we are able to entertain company and not feel like we're filling up the entire place. Yeay for a wonderful dining room table that seats eight!

Three |  Coffee
We are suckers for coffee. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Coffee Company has the best coffee. Ever!

Sarah roasts her own beans and usually a few times during the week. That being said, the beans are never more than 14 days old. They'll even ship the beans to you! AND! If you order on Mondays and buy two pounds, you'll get your second pound for 1/2 the price! Woohoo!
*No, Sarah does NOT pay me to say these things. I just really love their coffee.* and order. 701-772-1995

We will make coffee to go with our conversation and maybe our...
Four |  Dessert
I'm not sure if you know this or not. But I love to bake. If you've read this blog here before, you may have seen some cupcakes. I try to post recipes as I'm able and as I've found one I love. But, I've been going back to my same-old, same-old chocolate cupcakes lately. But tonight, a new type of cupcakes will be made for our company. 

Stay tuned...I'll share! If you're on Instagram, make sure to follow me over there. I'll be adding photos as the cupcakes are done. 

Five |  Games
Kyle and I are also big fans of games. We tend to play Hand and Foot quite a bit. We also love Rook. But don't think we're so shallow to only associate with card games.

A friend introduced us to Ticket to Ride, we play Settlers of Catan quite a bit too. If you play card and/or board games, come over for a visit. Odds are, we'll pull our decks of cards out and offer to play anything else with you. 

Got a good board game? Let me know. We're always looking for good games. 

Our Friday nights usually look different, but we do love a good night in. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our Fridays in, shoot me an email or contact me via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook too!

Happy Friday!  

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  1. Homemade pizza is one of my favourite Friday Night at home traditions! I got a pizza stone a few years ago and I've been obsessed with perfecting the perfect pizza crust ever since!

    1. I do love it! It's taken a while to get our stone well-seasoned...but that's made all the difference!


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