Wednesday, September 23, 2015

23 | Guest Post by Aubrey

Today you'll have a chance to read Aubrey's words about our friendship. And because I can't keep to myself...I'll be throwing in my 2 cents. That being said, I answered the same questions over on her blog. Check it out!

And away we go...

How did we meet? We met at an InterVarsity Christmas party my fourth (her third) year of college. We were at Eric and Lyndsey’s apartment and somehow ended up duct taped together. I think we became friends mostly over texts and cat videos, but I suppose our common faiths, majors, and love of road trips kept us going as well.  --It's me, Kelly. I'll be the purple one. Go see Aubrey's blog to see photographic evidence of us duct taped together.

How old is Aubrey/Kelly? When is her birthday? Kelly is currently 2* (a woman never reveals her age, sheesh!) and will turn 2*+1 on September 24. That's tomorrow!

Where does she currently live? She currently lives in a house with a lovely olden charm in Grand Forks, ND.

What is her dream job? Kelly’s dream job is to be a mama who runs a cupcake business on the side.

What was her first job? Her first job was at the Dairy Queen (or A&W?) in Fosston. False, my first job was technically at the Dollar Store in Fosston. DQ was my second. :)

What is her shoe size? 9. I think. Most days. Sometimes 9 1/2 or 10.

What is her favorite color? Red. I should know this but I don’t. False again. Purple.
What is her favorite book? Does Kelly have just one favorite book? I’m going to say To Kill a Mockingbird because it’s the good English major (now English teacher!) answer. Good answer.
What is her favorite (non-alcoholic) drink? An iced Americano, two pumps hazelnut with a splash of cream. Hazelnut? Seriously? Barf. 1 pump sugar free vanilla. It's okay, I forgive you. Just remind me to not let you order me coffee.
What is her favorite cosmetic item? Mascara. Sure? I don't wear much makeup. I do love me some Essential Oils though. Want some? Let me know!
What is her favorite TV show? Psych or Arrested Development. Two of the best!
What is her favorite dessert? Cupcakes! Kelly loves cupcakes! Woohoo!
What is her favorite season? What’s her favorite thing about that season? Fall because she loves the scarves, skinny jeans, chunky sweaters, and lovely coffee drinks to match!

What was her high school mascot? The Greyhounds, of course! Aubrey, you love playing the "Guess that school's Mascot" game!
What is her favorite restaurant? Darcy’s Cafe or Parrot’s Cay, I’d say. (Look at all that rhyming!)

What is her favorite movie? She’s the Man I really do love it.
Who is her celebrity crush? Ryan Reynolds? Liam Hainsworth? So many choices!

What are Kelly & Aubrey most likely to do on a night together? We are most likely to go grab half price apps, take a lovely evening drive, and then come back and crash for a movie, all while treasuring the few minutes we are in the same place at the same time.

What keeps them being friends? As above, mostly texting, now ridiculous memes instead of cat videos, and our common faiths, now occupations, and love of road trips kept us going.

What is your favorite memory with Aubrey/Kelly? Honestly, the little life moments with Kelly are my favorite. I thrive off of quality time spent with people so the times that Kelly and I have been able to just kick back and do life, whatever that may mean at the time, are what I treasure most. I have many memories of late nights spent talking and/or eating HApps (half price apps, for the non-lingo savvy), planning shenanigans, and just dreaming of what life is and could be-- all of which I treasure with this sweet gal! 

It's me again. Thank you, Aubrey for sharing with us today! This was fun...I'd love to have more guest posts. Just let me know! My post for tomorrow is ready to no blogging on birthdays for this girl! Happy Wednesday!

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