Thursday, September 24, 2015

24 | Top 5 Blogs

I've been so excited for this post! I've had it written for a few days, because I didn't want to worry about writing on my birthday, so there's that.

I'm not sure if it's Kosher or not...but one of my favorite blogs, which is now private, is going to be included in this list. Maybe I'll add 6 total so that you don't feel gypped.

1 |
Aubrey is one of my best friends. I love that she's serving Jesus and she's following His calling on her life. She's teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand right now and I'm living vicariously through her. She's got a heart for people and for serving. Go check her out. And you'll see my post there from yesterday!

2 | Camp Patton
Grace is a momma of 5 children, ages 5 & under. She's snarky, sassy, & absolutely hilarious. I've been reading her blog for the last few years. Unfortunately, her blog has recently become a private blog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will be back to the web-o-sphere sometime in the future.

3 | The Life of Bon
Bonnie is a wife, momma, & English teacher. We share 2 of those 3 characteristics and I hope that we will share all 3 one day. I love reading her stories about what has worked for her in class and what hasn't. I also adore hearing about her sweet family and the projects that are going on around her house. Check her out.

4 | The Fisk Files
Britt has one of the sweetest spirits. Her writing really expresses her heart and love for her family and others. She's a momma to 4 and #5 is on the way! I love seeing photos of her sweeties.

5 | Words that Sing
Kelsey is a momma and a former English teacher. Funny enough, she went to college with my sister-in-law! That connection was fun to make! She's sweet, lovely, and all around a very real person who shares what's on her heart. And if you're in her area and looking to have photos taken, she's your lady!

6 | The Girl in the Red Shoes
Julie has the prettiest red hair and the sweetest children! Hudson & Sadie are such sweet little things! I love reading about her life adventures and she just makes me smile. Say hi!

What blogs do you like reading?

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