Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9 | Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

This letter to my sixteen year old self is coming at an appropriate time since my birthday is mere weeks away. Enjoy.

Hello little girl,

You just turned sixteen and you're pumped. Trust me, I remember. Whatever you do, don't forget to enjoy the time you have with your friends, love fiercely, and don't care what anyone else thinks or says about you. Life is short and you have so much left to live. Also, your future husband isn't who you're dreaming about right now. Get over him.

This year you will play lots of volleyball, get a job, get your drivers' license, and lose a close friend. You will laugh and enjoy your time on and off the court with your friends. You and your best friends will fight over stupid things. You will finally have your license and drive into the ditch on your way to church. It was slippery! Have fun with all of this. Laugh. Love. Make sure to cherish the time you have. Go snowboarding. Don't wait until "next year." You won't have the same people around next year.

Show the people around you that you care about them. Don't assume your siblings know that you love them. They really might not. There will be a day when you wish you'd have listened to me. Honest. Don't waste the time you have now to build your friendships (yes, you can be friends with your brother and sister). There will be a day in the not too distant future when you won't talk to any high school friends. It's coming. Prepare.

Finally, don't care what everyone else thinks of you. No, you won't know about the parties when you're in High School. You're going to be so busy with sports, work, and youth group that you'll hear about the parties after the fact. You won't even be invited to your Senior Class Party. You'll be sad and hurt for a while, but you'll survive. You'll even laugh about it one day. Choose the things and the people that you invest in carefully. You've got one life to live. Make sure you live it well.

You have no idea how much time and energy you're wasting on people who don't matter. Enjoy your time in YLI. Invest in those people. Don't worry about boys. You'll end up with the perfect man for you. He will be your first true boyfriend and he will woo you. He'll ask your dad if he can date you. He will make you food (don't worry, he'll let you make the food once you're married). He will pursue Jesus and long to grow old with you. Don't be anxious. But enjoy the time you have. Enjoy the people you're with. Your life won't look like you've always imagined, but it will be wonderful.

Enjoy your now, love fiercely, and be you.

Your 25 year old self

This is me (at 17? I couldn't find a 16 one...) and one of
my best Aussie friends, Alannah. Miss you! xx

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